Why do bike lights batteries fail

We have been experiencing most of the bike lights that need to be waterproof, durable, and they need to work in any weather condition. As most bike lights use batteries, the batteries are going to be the weakest link in the system. This will affect the battery function and as a result, we face the battery fail issue in such situations.

Bike lights batteries have become better and more reliable in couple of years. This is the result of its manufacturing change in the metal and other accessories used in bike lights. Despite this, they are still prone to failure, and it can be incredibly frustrating because it is not only changing of battery, but you will also change the whole unit.

You should keep in mind that every battery is not compatible with the previous battery accessories, so you must change the overall unit.

There is a new trend in Mountain biking at night. For which the Technology has made it easy to do this by giving us the best bike lights. Bike lights have improved so much in the past years that they can illuminate the road ahead of you. So many of us have invested in bike lights to use during the night.

What causes bike light failure

There are a variety of batteries that charge through pedalling and some are solar batteries. So, in pedal battery case, if the bike has not been ridden for long time, it can cause in bike light failure. In this case, you must charge it from other source and then connect to the bike then it will be able to charge while pedalling.

In other scenario, for solar battery, it is mandatory to have fulfil all the requirements in charging the solar battery. In cloudy weather you must have to charge it fully so that it can operate smoothly.

When you notice the low performance of battery, you should avoid using it as this will lead to failure of the bike light.

How to prevent bike light failure?

Bicycle lights are mandatory to be switched on in cities and in heavy traffic at night. If you’re commuting or touring, you probably know that a bicycle light can also be a great way to be seen and to make sure you’re visible to cars at night and in bad weather. Bike lights can also be fun, you can get some super bright and funky lights nowadays.

Preventing bike light failure can be restricted by covering all the wiring and battery of light in rainy season. If someone has the solar battery, he must charge the battery while going out from home in cloudy weather.

If you keep in mind these two major factors, there is a less chance of bike light failure on your bike journey.

Common types of bike lights

Bike lights are an essential safety gear for every cyclist. They prevent accidents and help you get noticed by other road users. However, not all bike lights are created equal. In fact, there are two different types of bike lights that are most used by cyclists.

There are three main types of bike lights

  • Head Light
  • Tail Light
  • Brake Light

How often should you replace bike lights batteries?

The battery life of your bike lights depends on the type of light and the way you use the light. As we all know that batteries are the most important part of a bike light. Without the batteries, the bike light is useless. By using rechargeable batteries, the performance of the bike light will be affected by the quality of the rechargeable batteries.

So, you need to choose the best rechargeable batteries to get the most out of your bike light. When you notice the light flashing is decreasing day by day, you need to think about changing or repairing of your light battery as it will sometime accidently run out during your ride and as a result you will face difficulty in rest of your journey.

Most of the bike lights are powered by NiCd, NiMH or lead acid batteries. NiCd and NiMH batteries are rechargeable batteries. These batteries can be recharged by the charger that comes with the bike light. Lead acid batteries are also rechargeable. The lead acid battery needs a specific charger.

You can find both the lead acid and NiCd and NiMH batteries in the market. These batteries can be purchased online as well.

Final Statement

Batteries are one of those things that we often take for granted. We can go for days or even weeks without having to worry about them. But when they do need to be replaced, we find ourselves unprepared.

A bike light is a safety tool that can keep you safe while riding after dark but it can be more complicated than you think when it fails.

This can happen for several reasons, but it’s important to know that it can be a safety hazard. If your bike light is out, there’s a chance that it’s so dark that you can’t see the road properly.

To make sure your bike lights help you stay safe on the road, it’s important to understand what can go wrong, as well as how to prevent those issues from happening in the first place.