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Why bikes don’t have reverse gear

Bikes are designed in such a way that it saves a lot of time and one can easily get benefit of time saving having bike if he can’t afford car or other four-wheeler luxury vehicle.

Many bike riders, both young and old are completely unaware of this fact.

It is probably because the manufacturers are not willing to bring this function into the market for obvious reasons.

It is to understand why most bikes do not have a reverse gear even though it is very simple for them to make one.

First, let us look at some of the reasons why most bikes do not have a reverse gear.

Prevents Riders from Going Too Fast

With too much speed, accidents could happen as well as other worse problems such as loss of balance and stress on the engine resulting in time wastage and uneconomical usage.

Prevents Accidents

Most bike users pedal forward to move their bikes after getting off. If there are no reverse gears, their pedals will be at the back. Pedals at the back could cause accidents to happen when turning during bike rides or even while simply riding on a flat road surface.

Prevents Loss of Balance

With the pedals positioned forward, rider balance is always maintained without having to worry about falling off his seat because of loss of balance.

Prevents Abuse

Most people who do not have bikes abuse the lesser cyclists by shouting at them for being inferior cyclists because lack of knowledge in cycling theory results in misjudgement which leads to wrong conclusions being drawn out.

While teaching others how to ride, if they are provided with a reverse gear, they might misuse it and go beyond safe limits resulting in accidents and injuries.

Furthermore, since they do not know how to balance a bike with just pedals at the front, they are unable to ride their own bikes without falling off time after time again.

Prevents Stress on the Engines

This is another obvious reason why most bikes do not have a reverse gear because having to pedal back wards would sap lots of power from the motor resulting in poor performance for both uphill cycling as well as downhill cycling.

There will also be lack of sufficient energy, so it results in wasting petrol/gasoline due to unnecessary engine wear and tear.

Prevents Accumulation of Dirt from Pedals

Dirt accumulation on your standard pedal tubes could cause corrosion which may lead to rusting within the tubes and this could lead to rust clogging up the pedals.

Prevents Scratching Up the Drive System

If there is a reverse gear, cyclists might attempt to pedal backwards which will result in damage of the inner cogs because it only works with one direction that is forward. This also prevents erosion of other moving bike parts such as chains and sprockets.

Prevents Un-necessary Wasted Time and Money

Most bike riders do not cycle for leisure purposes but rather use their bikes for transportation instead. They want to save time and money by using bicycles because they cannot afford or did not want to buy cars. It would be totally uneconomical if they were forced to go back on their tracks while cycling backwards.

Prevents Unnecessary Wasted Time

To go back on your tracks, you would have to slow down and then speed up again. That will cause wastage of time which could be used for other more important purposes such as work or school etc…

Prevents Pain on The Body

If you pedal backwards, without having good balance on the bike, due to fear of falling off the seat, many muscles in the leg area would be strained especially those in thighs which are located around the lower half of legs. This also over stresses calves because they are heavily involved with powering both pedals forward as well as backward. Also, tendons located around ankles become stressed too during this process resulting in pain all over one