BMX Bike Expensive

Why are old BMX bikes expensive

BMX bikes were the coolest toys of the 80s and 90s. These bikes were lightweight and allowed the rider to do tricks and jumps. The best BMX bikes will be lightweight and perform well on ramps.

Old BMX bikes are very valuable. They are also very expensive. With the surge of interest in BMX bikes over the last few years, these old BMX bikes have become more valuable.

Why are old BMX bikes expensive

Most of us have heard the phrase “collector’s item”, but what does it really mean? A collector’s item is usually something that is in high demand, but also has a low supply. In other words, something that is rare and hard to find. 

To some degree, almost everything you can buy is a collector’s item, but in the world of BMX bikes, some of them are more rare than others. Some might even say that the more old school BMX bikes you own, the more valuable they become.

The best quality and performance made the BMX valuable as it marked its position in the market in the early 80’s with its performance and uniquiness.

Why collectors pay high price for old BMX bikes

The high prices for old BMX bikes are due to the fact that these bikes are made for extreme sports. The bicycles are also very good looking. The design of the bicycle is also so good that you can use them even today. The material used is premium and the manufacturers have given importance to multiple things while designing the bicycle.

What makes a particular Old BMX bike valuable

When you go back to the early days of BMX where everyone was a rider and there were no corporations, no hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, no pros, no teams, no internet, no TV and no magazines. BMX was pure and simple. And that is why some of these old bikes are so valuable! 

They aren’t just a bike, they represent a time in history. They were the bike that you had to work for, to save and scrape together the money to buy. They were the bikes that you knew the history of, because you grew up with them. And then you became the caretaker of the bike. You made sure it was always OK, that it was safe and protected, and then one day when you were ready, you sold it, and it was passed on to the next rider. 

Of course, these bikes are worth more than just the money they bring at the auction, they’re worth the memories. You can’t put a price on that.

The process of valuing an old BMX bike

The value of an old BMX bike can be difficult to determine. It’s not like you can walk into a shop and ask for a price for a 20 year old bike. The value of an old BMX bike is incredibly subjective. It is also quite different for each bike and each owner. 

So, it’s a difficult question to answer generally. But, there are a few things to bear in mind when pricing an old bike. The first thing you should think about is the condition of the bike. If you have a bike that is worn and damaged then you are going to get a lower price than if you have a bike that is in near mint condition. 

Each bike is going to be different and it’s not possible to put a price on how much a good condition old BMX is worth. However, one thing is certain and that is that you are always going to get a higher price for a mint condition bike. The second thing you should think about is the age of the bike. This is also something that is difficult to put a value on. 

After all, how do you decide how much an old bike is worth just because it’s 20 years old? It’s impossible to put a price on the age of a bike.

How to sell an old BMX bike

If you have an old BMX bike laying around in your garage then you may be thinking about selling it. But, you may be wondering why people pay so much for an old bike. Well, the reality is that old BMX bikes are worth a lot of money if you know where to sell them. There are several factors that affect how much old BMX bikes are worth and why they are worth so much.

If you are willing to sell an Old BMX bike, you should keep in mind the following points to be well explained to the buyer for convincing him to buy your BMX,

  • Bike condition
  • Bike age
  • Bike look
  • Bike Documents

Where to buy an old BMX bike

BMX bikes are one of the latest trends in bike collecting. You can find them on eBay and Amazon for a reasonable price, but if you want the real deal, you need to know your stuff. If you want an old school bike with the best possible quality, you will have to pay for it. 

The main reason why old BMX bikes are so expensive is that the bike industry nowadays has gone through a huge shift. When BMX bikes were produced, the goal was making the best bikes possible.

Nowadays, the goal is making the most affordable bikes possible. This has caused a wide range of quality issues, like cheap materials and small frames.

The danger of buying an old BMX bike online

Before buying an old BMX, you should thoroughly inspect all the stuff by riding a short ride and it is not possible by buying it online. So, if you really want a BMX, it will be better to go and see the bike personally before finalising the price.

The danger in online buying is only that, you have to believe in the seller’s views about the bike rather than inspecting yourself.

Why are we seeing a revival of old BMX bikes

It’s not just because of hipsters and fixed gear bikes,  it’s because there’s a market for them. And that market is growing. BMX bikes are making a comeback. People are buying them, riding them, and selling them. And it has nothing to do with hipsters. If you’re a fan of the old school you’re probably excited to see all the cool old bike designs coming back into the spotlight.

They’re basically just steel frames with parts that you can buy anywhere. So they’re basically just worth what they’re worth.

Final Statement

BMX bikes are very popular in the cycling world, with a fan base that spans a wide range of ages. While some people may think that old BMX bikes are worth less than more modern models, this is not the case. 

There are many reasons why old BMX bikes are expensive. Some of these reasons are that the production of these bikes are limited, or that a certain bike has an interesting or memorable story behind it. Whatever the reason, these bikes are popular and this is why they are expensive.