Is Royal Baby Kids Bike safe for riding?

Many of us know that the Royal Baby bike has marked a key position in bikes market. This brand has a variety of sizes ranging from 12” to 20”. But if you desire to buy a royal bike for your kid, one question that comes in your mind is “Is Roya Baby Bike safe for riding?”

This article will help you in resolving this query. You will get sufficient information here.

Royal Baby free style bikes are built to be compliant with CPSC and ISO standards. Royal baby bike has a great review on Amazon and sustained with its quality and functionality. As this brand has a variety of sizes so it’s overall rating is above 4.5 which means that the customers are really satisfied.

Generous speaking, it’s solid and heavy bike but I think it’s not the disadvantage of this bike. Most of the bike with a light weigh often looks like a toy and kids that are nowadays very smart, irritates with toy looking stuff when they reach at the age of 5.

If you look this Royal Baby kid bike from financial angle, you will get it economically fit as it has many options over there and if you compare it with other bikes, you will be satisfied as you will never consider it less in options from others.

Riding on royal bikes is as easier as on other such bikes as if you go on the reviews, you will hardly find any drawback regarding its riding.

The bikes also come with unique strong individual packaging that is easy to carry which improves safe delivery. One more thing that is catchy in this bike is, this brand has a creative colors which attracts your little riders.

Riding on royal bikes is easy as it has safe grips and handbrake, front caliper brake and rear coaster brake which offers double safer, Wide 2.4” pneumatic tires add more stability, Sturdy steel frame, Crank, Non-slip resin pedal, Chainguard.

Any size of Royal Baby kids’ bike has a great reputation since 2019 as most of our little ones enjoy a smoother ride and its exclusive brake lever allows little riders brake efficiently.

Take a look to all sizes of Royal Baby Free Style Kids Bike

For riding smoothly, every parent must see the comfortability of vehicle, so for your kind information, this bike brand has soft seats that comes with a handle, which makes the bike easier to grab during teaching or loading.

If your child is experiencing the bike for the first time, the royal baby bike also offers training wheels along with their bikes for safe training of your kid riding and for the support to do smooth riding if the kid is alone. No option of falling and being injured.

The look of this brand is so simple and catchy as most often the small bikes look so terrible that every parent hesitates to ride his kid on the bike.

When you select the bike size by visiting the size chart of royal baby bike, you have to focus on two main points while buying the kid bike.

  • Frame size of the bike
  • Seat Height of the bike

These are the main points of selecting the best kid bike for your child. Frame size is mandatory as it will be handled easy by your kid while riding if your select the proper size of the bike while buying.

Height of the seat is also a main factor as it allows the kid to do smooth and safe riding. So, keeping in view the above two points, your kid will not be bothered by this bike.

Some of the customers have a complaint of heavy pedals of Royal Baby Kid Bike. They noticed that while pedaling, it’s hard for a kid to move it smoothly but most of the reviews on Amazon about Royal Baby free style Kid bike is awesome.

If you search for this bike that for whom these bikes designed for, you will get plenty of answers that almost every child above the age of 3 is able to ride on it.

The kids with a height problem may face problems in seat adjustment as the manufacturers of Royal Baby kid bike cannot perfectly designs any size of bike as most of the kids have various body sizes so on average every size of bike fit for the said child according to the chart.

 Considering all the facts, this brand offers a decent room for moving to the 3 years old child. Your kid will easily cope up with cycling in short time.

Tires Dimension

The Royal Baby Kid Bike offers tires of standard street tread which look wider than other bikes. Its big advantages is that there is a less chance of falling of the rider.

Training Wheel Support

For toddlers and preschoolers, it is very hard to do cycling if the seat of the bike is a bit high because they are not able to touch the ground to stop. In this case, the training wheel is a supportive tool for the kid.

The main thing to notice before assembling the training wheel to the bike is to train your child about how to deal with the brake as it becomes imbalance while taking brake the cycle having training wheel.

The only negative point of assembling training wheel is that the kid loose confidence in cycling as he knows that the support is already there if I am going to fall. This will affect his cycling skill and will take more than the normal time to have full grip on cycling.

Brake Position

The royal baby kids bike with the size of 14” has also been criticized for his brake position. The reviews regarding this issue show that the brakes don’t help your kid riders sufficiently. The other drawback of this brake is the location of the brake is on the left so the kid rider rely on the left hand which after experiencing other cycles, will create problems.

Short time to assemble

A few items like training wheels, saddle handlebar and pedals need to be assembled when you get the delivery of this brand. Most of the parts will already been assembled when you get it.

Final statement

The overall performance and look of Royal Baby Kid Bike are outstanding and in some sizes like in 14” there comes some observations as quoted above. But most of the reviews show that Royal Baby kid bike is safe for riding and hence, we recommend keeping this brand in option while buying kid bike for your child. As this bike is fit both for boy and girl.