How do you stop a BMX bike with no brakes (Explained)

A BMX bike is a specific type of bicycle that is designed for trick riding, stunts and races. A BMX bike might not have a lot of brakes, but can still be stopped using the same principles of physics that are in play when you are braking a car. 

In this blog, we will look at the different ways a BMX biker can stop their bike without having to pull their hand brakes.

How to stop a BMX bike without brakes? (3 different ways to stop a BMX bike)

To Stop a BMX bike without brakes you need to know how to use your legs. It is a very useful skill to learn, as you can then stop whenever you need to. There are different ways to stop a BMX bike without brakes. 

It is difficult to teach someone else how to do this. It is better to learn by yourself. It will take a few attempts and some bruises, but it will be worth it. 

The first thing to understand is that your legs act as brakes on a BMX bike. When you need to stop, you need to put your feet on the ground first, stand up and then pull back on the handlebars. This will cause your bike to slow down.

The second way to do this is to pull back on the handlebars. This will help you slow down and prepare to come to a complete stop. 

The third way to stop BMX is to stand up. This will cause you to lose a lot of your speed. Once you’re standing on the pedals, you’re going to want to pull back on the handlebars again to keep your speed down. 

As you’re slowing down, you want to be sure to keep your wheels straight.Once you get to a complete stop, you can hop off your bike and take a deep breath.

The ideal the experienced users 

You can stop your BMX with these two methods. ( Kevin Wingrove From Quora)

The flintstone

where you use your feet and plant them on the ground or hold the sole against your tire creating friction and slowing the bike

The power slide

where you go in at a steep angle of lean while dragging your inside leg (acting as a pivot) and kicking out the rear tire forcing it to slide and stop. This is very similar to how skiers stop (although they use their edge to cut into the slope)

Knowing the braking system on BMX is Important

If you have ever ridden a BMX bike, you know how fun they are. They are equipped with a lot of great features that allow you to perform different kinds of tricks and stunts. But have you ever thought about the importance of having a good braking system in place? 

We all know that BMX bikes don’t have brakes. Instead, they have a different kind of braking system that allows you to slow down in the same way as a car.

However, it is not as effective as brakes in cars and motorcycles. That’s why it is very important for you to learn how to use them in order to avoid unwanted accidents. When it comes to the braking system of BMX bikes, you don’t want to rely on them too much. 

That is why you need to practice how to use them and not give up on them just because they don’t work in the same way.

For a newbie on BMX, it is mandatory to grip on the installed braking system of BMX as even a simple and single trick, if went wrong, may lead to serious injury of the newbie rider.

Final Statement

The question of how do you stop a BMX bike with no brakes can be hard to answer. We hope that you were able to find some helpful information in our blog that will help you if you are intending to find a solution to stopping BMX bikes.