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How do you ride your bike in the rain with glasses

Riding a bike in the rain can be challenging. Not only is it hard to see, but it also makes it difficult to see if you are getting splashed by cars.

A lot of people wear glasses and like to ride their bike in the rain. It is terrible when you are riding your bike and water gets in your glasses.

Riding a bicycle in the rain with glasses on, can also be a bit of a challenge. There comes problem with glasses fogging up on a ride the other day.

If you are a cyclist then you will know how important it is to be able to always see on the road. It’s a safety issue, so this blog will look at whether or not you can wear glasses and ride a bike in the rain.

What causes rain to blind you

If you haven’t put helmet or other shelter cap while biking in rain, the water comes from your head and forehead directly to your eyes. Also in windy rain, the rainwater comes straight to your eyes which cause blinding your eyes.

The glasses with your helmet help you preventing from water and will ease your riding even in rainy weather.

What makes thick glasses work better

The high index of refraction makes the thick glasses better than the regular ones. Such glasses are called Coke Bottle glasses.

The curved high index lenses will help you in windy weather as it is placed firmly on your nose and covered the eyes edges as these glasses are thick from edges and thin in the middle.

Why would you need to ride with glasses in the first place

The first and foremost precautionary item in biking is the proper and clean vision. So, whether it is daytime or dark situation, the rider should use glasses to avoid any type of mishaps like dust, sunny weather, wind or in rainy season.

If your front vision during biking is clear, then the rest is secondary things to think about. The glasses will always be in the first place when go out for bike riding.

Best Glasses for bike riding


This glass has designed with a great lens clarity and contrast with an unobtrusive frame. It is good for foggy weather and the rider will be comfortable while putting it on while riding. The Rudy Sunglasses are mostly expensive as compared to other types.


Oakley glasses are available in multi colors with a variety of lenses. You can easily swop the lenses. Such glasses have great peripheral vision. It is designed as a robust stuff which is very uncommon in some glasses.


Koo Demos is famous for its stylish design. You can customize the lens in this type of glasses. The clarity vision of Koo is phenomenal. The bad point of this glass is it has no hard case.


Salice is known for its effective and lightweight design. It has a quality optics options with a great fit to wear. The bold looks with Salice is fabulous.


There are three main benefits of Rapha Pro glasses. It has a great and high-performance lens, a secure fit and good coverage of eyes.


The TIFOSI glasses has a quality of adjustable fitting with a lightweight. You can easily change the lenses. It has also a quality of night lens option.

12 Tips for safe bike riding in rain

Invest in a good waterproof jacket

Keep splash off with mudguards

Wear overshoes and gloves

Use chain degreaser

Wear helmet

Wear a cycling cap

Avoid standing water

Adjust the brakes

Check your tyres and reduce the pressure

Utilise plastic bags

Use lights

Just get on the turbo or rollers

Final Statement

We hope you enjoyed our article on riding a bicycle in the rain with glasses. If you are looking for a pair of glasses or sunglasses with an anti-fog coating, make sure to check out the glasses here.

You need a good pair of glasses that can handle the rain. Almost all the high-end cycling glasses will be able to handle a little rain. If you want a high-end pair of glasses that will be able to handle the rain, try the Oakley Jawbones. They are very lightweight and comfortable. They also have a nice UV protection that will block about 99% of the UV rays.

Thankfully, there are several methods of dealing with the situation. We hope you found this article on how to ride your bike in the rain with glasses helpful.