Does Boris Bike Hard to Ride

Barclays Cycle Hire commonly known as “Boris Bike” is famous for its heavy weight but there are always many fans of every type of item regardless of quality, weight, size and shape. This bike is normally economical than other bike but for those who have active jobs, such bikes are not suitable for those.

You will see the Boris Bike mostly in London roads as most of the citizens of London enjoy riding on such bike to have a calm and safe journey.

If you intend to buy and experience Boris Bike, you are advised to keep in mind the following main points before riding on such bike as we have observed these points from the users of this bike.

Examine the Bike

The first and foremost thing before riding every bike, you should properly examine the bike. In Boris Bike case, you should strictly examine the whole bike like its brakes, pedals, bell and other necessary tools.

Avoid Cycling Fast

As we have already known that Boris Bike is hard to ride, so it is mandatory to ride slowly on roads. If there is heavy traffic, take the side roads because you cannot ride this bike fast for even 5 minutes.

Hard to handle

Due to its weight, you will face difficulty in handling such bike easily. As already told, one must take side roads so if there come any mishaps, you will easily cope with it.

Navigate your Destination

As already discussed, that Boris Bike is mostly seen on London roads, so riding there, one must have a proper navigation of his destination because your slowly turn to your target may sometime disturbs all the traffic.

Follow Road Rules

One often ignores the road ethics when there is no traffic on the road but experiencing the Boris Bike, you are required to follow every signal comes in front of you. If you ignore any type of signal, you will probably face serious injury.

Heavy Pedestrians

Due to its heavy pedestrians, you cannot pedal the bike easily. You are required to ride on this bike in normal days. It will disturb you in both hot and very cold weather.

We are here to share with you one’s experience of Boris Bike.

“The first time I cycled on a Boris Bike, I had mixed feelings. On one hand, cycling as part of the traffic has some sense of liberation – even though you’re also more vulnerable than when you bike on cycle paths or footpaths.

You can move between lanes; you don’t have to stick to painted lines; and car drivers are very accommodating. All of this means that, in some ways, cycling in London is much easier than it is in other cities I’ve cycled in.

But on the other hand, there’s a lot more to think about when you’re cycling in London. You need to be aware of pedestrians; you need to know when to use your bell (or just shout); and you need to be prepared for the fact that people walking on the pavement might step out into the road without looking.

The real test came when I had to cycle around some tight corners. My Boris Bike handling skills weren’t as good as my Berliner ones, mainly because Berlin has wider streets and fewer cyclists. But I got by without crashing into anyone. Yay!

After about 15 minutes, I had to dock the bike at a station near Liverpool Street. It was quite heavy and hard to carry up the stairs, but it wasn’t that much of an effort – especially when you consider that you can borrow bikes for free.”

Final statement

The ending point is that Boris Bike is hard to ride for those who haven’t proper strength to ride for a long destination and also for those who have active jobs and have urgent calls from their seniors.