Does Bike Helmet color matter

The use of helmets while riding a bike has been made compulsory in many countries. For many people, it is hard to choose the right helmet because of the huge variation in the color and price of helmets and the difference in the quality that comes with it. Before buying a helmet, you may have several safety features in mind, like the material of the helmet’s outer shell or the type of padding it has.

More and more people are riding bikes. In fact, bike share programs are becoming more popular around the world. In any case, with the increase in riders comes a need for a better way of riding safely.

A lot of people think that you should get a red helmet when you are riding a mountain bike, or a white helmet when you are riding at night. Different helmets look different, but they all offer the same protection.

The most common color for a helmet in hot weather is a dark color and it is the safest option. A darker color will reduce the heat buildup in the helmet. It also reduces glare from the sun and makes you more visible to other road users.

Why does bike helmet color matter?

The study of WHO regarding helmet says that wearing a white helmet lowers the likelihood of an accident compared to wearing a black helmet by 24%. The results of the study also say that helmets in lighter shades help reduce the risks of accidents by 19% versus dark-colored helmets.

This shows that the white color helmet is comparatively seen obvious in any situation like in bad light and also in rainy and sunny weather.

If we see the color issue from a scientific way, the colors like black, green and blue can easily be visible in day time and white and yellow can be seen at night.

Helmet Colors that you should go for

Many of the bike riders mostly desire to be looked cool and stylish. In this connection, they are very sensitive about the gears color collection for their bike. The riders normally pick the white color so that they can be seen prominent on the road as it can be seen from long distance.

But here we can suggest, for those riders that are riding in snowy roads, other than white so that the difference between the snow and white helmet may not create any confusion to other vehicles.

For mountain riders, green color helmets will not be suitable as it can easily be blended into the surrounding colors of trees and grass.

Some riders also recommend the red color helmets as it can also be seen from far distance like the white one and also it is good at night time as the flash light of vehicles

reflects on the red which helps the rider to protect from the parallel vehicles on the road.

Color that mostly fit for night ride

Most of the accidents take place at night or in bad weather. So, beside the white and red, the yellow color helmet is most feasible for night riding. As we can see that most of the taxi and the fire trucks have been colored yellow as it is prominent in all cases.

High Viz Helmet

Such bike helps you less chance of any mishaps. High viz colors like neon yellow, green, or orange are too bright to seek attention on the road. But, the reason for not utilizing this Viz helmet is, the bike riders feels awkward to have such dark color on their heads.

Helmet and bike color combination

There is no need to be careful about the color combination of your helmet and bike. If it is matched accidently then it is a positive point for you. Selecting a helmet, there are other main things to be considered like the quality, the material, and the price that you can afford. If all the main things can be covered in your desired color helmet, then go for it otherwise, focus on the safety measures first not color.

Other preventions to be utilized at night riding

If you are a bike rider and you get the dark night on the road, it is important to do some safety measures for safe riding. You need to be visible to other vehicles on the road for which decals or reflective stickers should be pasted on your bike and helmet.

You can also add flashing headlights or moving lights to your bike. The visible motion of the flashing lights will warn other riders of your presence.

Final statement

For most people, the choice of color is not a big consideration when they decide about what type of helmet they will buy.

Although there is the option to buy a bright color or a plain color, it is usually one color that sticks out in customers’ minds. That color is black. This is because black is the most common color that helmet manufacturers create.

The reason why they choose black is because it is the safest color for all types of rides. This is because it doesn’t show grease, dirt, or other things that can accumulate on your helmet. It also doesn’t get hot in the sun, making it easier to wear.

At the end, it’s all about the rider’ choice that which color suits him the best both in looks and feasibility.