Can you put gears on a single speed cruiser bike?

Can you put gears on a single speed cruiser bike?

If you have a beach cruiser and you want to know about the changing gears to single speed cruiser bike.

This is a great question because so many people are looking for an option to getting more gears on their cruiser. There are some advantages and disadvantages of adding gears to your single speed cruiser, so let’s look at this article in more detail.

So first off, what exactly is the difference between adding gears to a single speed cruiser bike versus riding a standard multi-speed road or mountain bicycle?

Well, it’s not that big of a difference at all! A lot of cruisers these days (like yours) will come with some cogs installed, but they’re typically small front sprockets (i.e., you’ll only have three options…three speeds).

Adding gears means you’ll be able to choose which gear you want – i.e., you’ll be able to shift your current cogs and chainrings (the big gears on the centre part of your bike).

Now that we know what adding gears is, let’s look at some pros and cons of doing this versus not. For starters, if you’re an avid cruiser rider then I would not recommend changing anything about your bike. That is because cruisers are really meant for one thing…cruising! They’re designed around comfort and style as opposed to speed or performance.

So, by adding gears you’ll make it harder for yourself to stay in the proper riding “groove” which is sort of like a meditation zone for cruiser riders. Also, the time and effort needed to switch out gear systems could be better spent establishing your smooth cruiser style.

But if you are considering adding gears to make it easier to cycle around town or on longer rides – then this can be a great option for you!

There are some other pros to switching out the cogs too. For example, most single speed cruisers today come with low quality and cheap “half-link” chains with poor gearing ratios (i.e., 48:18 which means 48 teeth in front and 18 in back).

So, by adding gears we’ll be able to get rid of that half-link chain and upgrade to something better like a 3/32-inch thickness which will last much longer than the stock 1/8-inch width.

Also, most standard multi-speed gears are much stronger and more efficient than what you get on a single speed cruiser. So, you’ll experience less grinding, reduced environmental impact, lower maintenance costs, and higher overall performance.

Out of the many gears available in the market, choosing the best gear is not an easy task. You need to consider so many factors before buying a bicycle gear. The type of bike you have must be considered first and then your preferred design of gear should be selected. Some people are interested only on the looks of their gears while others are more concerned on the strength and durability of gears.

Here are some tips you might want to consider if you plan to buy bicycle gears for your cruiser bike.

Gear 1: The Bicycle Gears to Put on Cruiser Bikes

Never forget to check the gear material. Many gears available in the market are made from steel material but nowadays many gears are also manufactured from aluminium and alloy materials. It would be great to buy gears with aluminium or alloy material since it is lighter than steel and more durable too.

Aluminium and Alloy Gears: Some of the best gears that people want for their cruiser bikes are those made from aluminium or alloy materials. It is not only lighter but also more durable.

Gear 2: The Bicycle Gears to Put on Cruiser Bike

Never forget to check the gear position. For cruiser bike, you need to put lower gears so that your cruising speed is easier and smoother. You can consider putting triple or double chain rings in front while single rear sprocket. These gears will be more than enough for a cruiser bike.

Double Chain Rings: Choosing double chain rings is the best option for cruiser bikes since it has a greater number of teeth. This will give you a moderate gear that makes your cruising speed easy to control.

Triple Chain Rings: Another choice for cruiser bike gears are those with triple chain ring in front while single rear sprocket. It is indeed a great choice but this will be heavy and more expensive.

Gear 3: The Bicycle Gears to Put on Cruiser Bike

Never forget to check the gear range rating. The rating of gears you should take note is the lowest and highest rating. It is important that your gearing can match your riding speed and road conditions where you ride most of the time. A good range rating will give you a more reliable riding experience.

Lowest Gear Range Rating: The lowest gear range rating of your gears must be around 40 inches to 80 inch while the highest range should be around 130-140mm. So, if your cruising speed falls on this range, then you might want to consider putting lower gears so that you can have a smooth cruising experience.

130-140mm Highest Range: The highest range of gears you might want to consider for your cruiser bike is around 130-140mm while lowest gear rating should be 40-80 inch. It is very important that the lowest and highest rating matches your preferred riding speed and road conditions where you usually ride most of the time.

Best Gears to Put on Cruiser Bike: Now selecting gears for your cruiser bike is not a difficult task since you can consider any of the options listed above. You may also want to consider some factors before buying bicycles gears like material, position, and range rating. Always remember that safety comes first when purchasing bicycle gears.

Final Statement

So, to sum it up – if you’re looking to add some style and comfort into your cadence then definitely stick with riding just one gear. But for those who want something that provides a bit more range in terms of climbing hills or traveling longer distances – adding gears can be an excellent option!

If any part of this article can be improved, please let us know through the comment system below. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve our articles. Thank you for reading this article.