Can you convert a cruiser into a mountain bike

Can you convert a cruiser into a mountain bike?

There are some queries we often see on various forums about converting cruiser bike into a mountain bike. The answer is quite simple, “absolutely yes”, but we will try to have a detail article so everyone can be benefited.

Basically, there is a terminology “Clunking” used for conversion cruiser to mountain bike. The conversion is mostly done with vintage frames like Schwinns and Murrays.

As every bike type has a different design and obviously different shape and wheel frames, brakes, and seat position so if you want to convert a cruiser into a mountain bike, you will need to do some changes to the gearing and upgrade to some better brakes, but it can be done if you put some thought into it.

The following Things should be change/modified while converting your bike from cruiser to mountain bike.


To the best of our research, the rider must mainly require changing the tire and MTB has a least expensive tire than cruiser. A rider of a cruiser has not to face any financial problems while converting his bike to MTB.


The braking system should also be modified as the cruiser brakes are mainly designed in such a way that is suitable to ride on a plain road and beach. The mountain bike totally depends on the brake quality and its performance as the rider mainly deals with hilly areas and rough tracks.


Pedals can also play the main role in moving the bike as per your desired speed. The mountain bike requires the pedals that are easy to move and can grasp the power while hiking the hilly spots.

Seat Position

The seat position should be adjusted according to the rider physique and keeping in mind the destination as the wrong seat position can lead the rider to back injury and back pain.

Bike Chain

The last but off course not the least, the rider should thoroughly check the chain while converting the cruiser into mountain bike. To ride on uphill and off roads, your bike chain must be such in a position that should not be so rigid nor loose as in both cases, it will create problems while riding.

Final Statement

Keeping in view all the above points in mind, you can easily turn a cruiser into a mountain bike. You have to approach an expert mechanic of bike because when you are about to change the full design, there are many issues, as discussed above, must happen. It is better to have a full try ride on smooth and calm road when converted to mountain bike just to see the performance and compatibility so that when the rider moves to off road and on hilly areas, you will not be suffered after proper examination of the bike on simple smooth roads.