Are Cruiser Bikes good for college

Are Cruiser Bikes good for college

College students use bicycles for a variety of reasons. Some use them to ride to and from class, others for sporting activities. Cruisers are often seen around college campuses; they’re big, wheeled bikes that give off an image of laid back, casual riding. Today’s cruisers have come a long way since the days when they were used for leisurely riding down boardwalks in the 1950s, but are these large bicycles good for college students?

Cruiser bikes are irresistible to some people because they’re fun to ride and very relaxing. On one hand it may be difficult to get excited about slouching on your seat while you pedal along aimlessly on wheels that are at least twice as tall as you are while everyone around you is biking with purpose.

On the other hand though, cruisers are incredibly addicting once you get on one because of that fun factor. Cruisers are great for students who want to spend time riding around campus or somewhere else close by, but aren’t interested in getting there quickly.

Cruiser bikes are also appealing because they can be customized easily. There are so many styles and colors to choose from when it comes to cruiser bike wheels, handlebars, seats, pedals and even frames!

You can have your bike look however you want it to look which makes these bikes extremely popular among college students just starting out with cycling. The more expensive cruisers come equipped with gears for easier pedaling if you’re tackling some steep hills during your ride.

A Casual Ride

Cruiser bikes are perfect for students who don’t take their academics or biking very seriously. They’re a good way to start out riding if you’ve never been on a bike before and they’re great for getting around campus because they can hold a drink in the built-in cup holders, have an easy to reach basket up front and often feature blinkers so cars know where you are.

You can also make it seem like you’re not really bicycling by taking your feet off your pedals while you ride – this is known as “coasting.” Some cruisers even come with foot rests that help keep your legs from feeling tired since one part of the pedal motion is eliminated when coasting.

The fact that these bikes have a laid back attitude can be appealing to students who are just looking for a casual ride rather than ones that want something useful as well as fun.

The Drawbacks

Cruisers aren’t going to get you from point A to point B quickly and may even slow others down if you ride near them. This is especially true when it comes to riding up hills where the larger wheel size really makes a difference. If you live off campus, a cruiser isn’t going to help much since it’s too big and bulky to carry into your dorm room or apartment.

Many cruisers don’t come with seat posts that can raise very high which forces taller riders to lean forward uncomfortably while they pedal – this may not be good for your back.

Final Statement

Cruisers are perfect for casual riding on level terrain or on trails that aren’t too hilly. They’re great to cruise around campus on but won’t be of much use if you want to travel longer distances (like between campuses). Be sure to check your cruiser’s speed and gearing before making a purchase since it may not give you the option of pedalling faster than 15 miles per hour.

If you want something fast with some bells & whistles, look elsewhere! Cruiser bikes are more like cars – they’re meant for relaxed cruising (not racing) and fun (not commuting). When used that way, they can be extremely enjoyable.